The ultimate celebration of the smooth sound of LUTHER VANDROSS

For the first time ever in the UK and Europe, this stunning live show is the world’s most authentic Luther Vandross experience. This is truly the most outstanding LUTHER experience you will ever have.

Experience Danny Clay bringing Luther’s legacy back to life

When it comes to male vocalists one name towers above the rest – a man whose impact and influence has been unparalleled.

Say the name “Luther” and music lovers respond immediately. The fact is, Luther Vandross was, and always will be, one of the best male vocalists of our time.

Luther’s vocal style was unique but now you can relive the Luther Vandross Experience with Danny Clay – the world’s most authentic Luther Vandross performer.

Just close your eyes and you’re listening to Luther Vandross. Danny Clay has that distinctive Luther sound, satin smooth vocals that moves international audiences and continues to touch people to this day.

Never Too Much is a musical celebration of the music and life of Luther Vandross. Direct from the USA we will take you on a musical journey that has wowed audiences worldwide.


“Danny Clay sounds exactly like Luther Vandross. If you close your eyes you would not know it’s not Luther.”

Steve Harvey, Comedian and Actor

“Amazing Voice. The best I have ever heard do Luther.”

Joe Bennett, TV Actor, New York

“I saw Danny Clay open for Steve Harvey and he blew the crowd away.”

Christian Lane

Enjoy all the classics – like ‘If This World Were Mine’